Workstation PC

Technicians are going to be installing/upgrading/maintaining humanoid simulators at different medical related clients such as nursing schools, universities, etc. The technicians will travel within given territory to ensure simulators are working properly, do preventive maintenance, and any trouble shooting necessary. Technicians will be working with the clients and resolving any issues. The simulators run on a Windows 10 O/S. Networking knowledge a huge plus. The intestines piece of the simulators are electronics, cabling, HW/SW. You will be trained on the simulator programming and build out. This is an up and coming technology within the medical field. Huge opportunity to get in on the ground floor

All travel (Airfare, hotels, car rentals, etc.) arranged directly by the client …..Techs are given a $65 daily food allowance while traveling. Techs will receive mile reimbursement for anything over the first 30 miles when using their vehicle and are on the clock after the first hour whether driving or flying.

Read more: PC Workstation Technician Roles.

Must be willing to travel and Be away from home Monday through Friday no exceptions if necessary. Must have a valid credit card in case you get in trouble on the road (no debit card)

Will be working from Home (being dispatched, will know their monthly schedule in advance) so we need a super responsible person who will be where they need to be on time. A self starter. Will be traveling all over their respected territories, so candidate must enjoy travel, not be tied down, and be ready to go on the drop of a dime. Will be interacting with clients so need to be sharp, presentable, and articulate. A good customer service sense.

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